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SC tells CDA chief to pack and leave if he’s unable to perform

SC tells CDA chief to pack and leave if he’s unable to perform

Date: 3 March 2016

Supreme Court Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed on Thursday said that the CDA chairman should leave his office if he can’t perform his duties.

The judge gave the remarks while heading a two-member bench hearing a case pertaining to commercial use of residential areas and roadblocks in the name of security.

The judge said “why the CDA is not implementing its own law. Do the law enforcers consider them above the law? If you don’t work then the law will take its course. If the CDA chairman cannot work then he should leave his office. The law will not be allowed to be violated.”

The judge further remarked “when the CDA has to vent its wrath, it targets the poor. Have the two Inspectors-General (IGs) started packing to leave their offices from residential areas?”

The Additional Attorney General (AAG) and the CDA counsel submitted before the court that alternate buildings were provided to IG Islamabad in 2008 and IG Motorways in 2007 but they had not shifted their offices.

The CDA counsel told the court that a fine was being imposed on both offices on a daily basis but the law enforcement agencies could not seal them.

The court remarked, “Why the offices could not be sealed. Do the law enforcement agencies consider them above the law? If no action is taken against these people then other people will not abide the law”.

Justice Umar Ata Bandial said the offices of the two IGs should also be set up inside containers as are the offices of the traffic police.

The court then adjourned the hearing till March 14 while summoning the CDA chairman, the CADD secretary and the secretary communication.